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This article shows how to resolve the problem that you may experience when you synchronize a Microsoft Exchange server mailbox in Outlook.

Synchronization folder is the term for when Outlook is sending and receiving the message and when upload changes to the mail server. Our Outlook customer service team is here to this article describing some basic information related to this.


What is synchronization issue?

The folder contains all the synchronization logs that would help in troubleshoot all kinds of e-mail synchronization errors, for example-

we are able to see certain e-mails from outlook web access(OWA) but not from your Outlook.


Sync issues:


2.Local failure

3.Server failure


To determine whether the offline folders are synchronizing correctly follows these steps:

(1) Right-click the folder that you want to verify.

(2) Then click Properties.

(3) Click the Synchronization tab (if you do not see the synchronization tab, you do not set up your profile to use offline folder)


Send and receive interval too short:

Outlook automatically checks for a new message on a set interval when you set this interval too short, a new auto

the check will take place before the previous one can finish.


Stuck message:

When you have a message stuck in the outbox, the outlook could try to send that message until it sends. when it is stuck,

it will never work.In some cases, you can see the message in the outbox and you can try to remove it from techniques.


Fix E-mail sync issue:

Outlook on the web shows the mobile device that you use to connect to your mailbox. If you are no longer using a device or a device is not syncing properly, you can delete

it from the list. Doing remove the partnership between the mobile device and your mailbox, but does not delete the email account from your phone.

Removing this partnership following the steps below often fixes sync issue:-

Step (1) sign in the outlook

Step (2) choose to set, then click option

Step (3) In the left navigation bar, In general, choose mobile device

Step (4) Select Phone in the list and then select Remove to delete the device partnership.

Step (5) Select Yes in the Confirmation box

Step (6) Go to your mobile device and power it off completely

Step (7) Restart your mobile device after a few seconds and then sync your mailbox again.


if you want some further information then visit our website Outlook Technical support.






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