How to create a Gmail signature in Inbox

Make your emails presence better by knowing that how to add Gmail Signature.

how to add Signature in Gmail

Now, The email signature is a professional description of the person that enhance their trustworthiness. In professionalism putting a custom signature in your email could give you a bit of high rank in your career move. Spent time to think out how to add Gmail signature, it’s easy enough as composing an Email. But adding a feature “send email as” with signature in Gmail, that’s a trick you need to know. Once you add another Service Email like Hotmail, etc. Then you will be able to create another signature for the different account.

We try to provide every information on each platform, signature in Gmail via Gmail Desktop, using Gmail app for Android and iOS.

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How to create a Gmail signature on your desktop.

Step 1. Open your browser as you were using and login into your Gmail account as normally as you would

Step 2. Click on Setting-> setting, in the top right corner.

Upper right corner click settingsStep 3. Scroll down to the signature, click on the signature bubble under the “ No Signature”. And enter enough information you want to show in your Signature box. You can also add an image or logo as your wish.

Gmail signature page

Step 4. After you satisfied with all your signature information, scroll down to bottom and click on save changes.

add image to Gmail signature

If you have another emails address like yahoo, outlook and email services. Then you can also send an email via other emails service by using Gmail’s “Send email as” feature. You can set that feature up through your Gmail account setting.

Gmail signature add feature "send email as"



In today’s mobile computing world most of the email composed and received through the Mobile app. Now, email is no longer reserved for the desktop. The Set up in Smartphone (using Gmail app for Android and iOS) for Gmail’s Signature is similar but a little bit customization.

Step 1. Open Gmail app as you would.

Step 2. Tap the menu button look like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

how to set up signature in Gmail on android phone

Step 3. Open the setting as they appear on Gmail app.

Android Gmail app Setting- Gmail Signature

Step 4. Select account you want to add the signature for.

gmail signature setup on smartphone

Step 5. Visit Signature settings and toggle the slider near mobile signature.

Set up gmail signature on Gmail app

 Step 6. Add your Signature, If you want to add an image on your signature you have to copy and paste image because Gmail app does not allow you to resize your image. So make sure the size of an image is what you want to be.

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