What is Outlook Email Account

We all are using outlook email account. Outlook is E-mail software developed by Microsoft. Outlook is a wonderful tool used for communication and sharing information. It is used to create and organize many types of messages, emails, tasks, and appointment. MS outlook is also called personal information management tool because it contains the calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, RSS feed, social updates, weather updates, and journal. It can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for multiple users. Microsoft also released outlook mobile applications for mobile phones including IOS and Android.

Today most of the Companies used Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint to share documents, project notes, collaborate with colleagues, send reminders and much more. It can be used as a stand-alone application but it is also a part of the Microsoft Office suite. MS Outlook is a software that is available with most versions of Microsoft Office. It was first released with Exchange Server version 5.5 as a bundled program and after that integrated as a mainstay application with Microsoft Office 97 suite and subsequent versions. If you want to take more information regarding outlook then contact our outlook customer service.

How to Create Outlook Email Account

There are some points which are required for creating a microsoft outlook account.

  • Your new account login information like your account name and login password.
  • Incoming Mail Server Information such as ISP(Internet Service Provider)
  • Outgoing Mail Server Information like your web-based email account or web hosting company.

The following steps show how we can create a new outlook account:

Step 1:

First of all Open Outlook Express or go to the Outlook.com in your computer browser and click Create Account. If this is your first time using Outlook, you will see a welcome banner.

Step 2:

From the top menu, click on Tools. Then click on Accounts. Here internet accounts dialog box will appear. Click on the Email Account icon. The new window will be open, now you enter your information.

Step 3:

Enter the name you wish to appear in the outlook account. This name will appear when emails are viewed in Outlook Express. Enter and re-enter your password. Choose a password that is easy for you to remember and difficult for anyone to guess.

Step 4:

Enter your preferred username. It is a part that comes before “@outlook.com”. Keep in mind that username consists of alphabetic and numeric digits.

Step 5:

Enter your full email address in the Email address field (For example [email protected]) also enter your phone number which Microsoft uses to keep your account secure.

Step 6:

Enter the characters from the captcha image. Then click on the next button when you are finished.

Step 7:

After that select POP3 or IMAP. We recommend IMAP (IMAP is the shot form of Internet Message Access Protocol and POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3. IMAP has the ability to keep the original e-mail stored on the mail server but POP3 doesn’t store the original emails).

Step 8:

Next is the Incoming Mail Server text box. It is the email server that receives your incoming mail. Incoming mail server enables the user to receive the emails from the different user. In this field, you will provide information like ISP and web-based mail account.

Step 9:

Next is Outgoing Mail Server. This server is used to send your email. Outgoing mail server helps to send the emails to another user. Enter the Outgoing Mail Server information you want to use. If the information provided by the web based mail or your web hosting company and it doesn’t work you can always go back into your Account setup and change it later to the ISP Outgoing Mail Server. Then click on the Next button to continue.

Step 10:

Here you will see the login window. Enter your username and password that you were given. Click on the next button when you finished and after that click on the finish at the bottom of the window to complete the outlook account process.

Why we use outlook email account

Here is some reason that shows why we used Microsoft outlook. Let’s explain one by one

Outlook Integrates with many Devices and Applications:

MS Outlook launched an application for mobile platforms such as android, blackberry, and ios. So the user can also download this application to access emails and messages anytime and anywhere with the help of internet, username, and password. It also works with Skype. It allows the user to connect to their Skype account.

Outlook Makes it Easy to Organize Your Assets:

Outlook email client offer to sorting and managing your emails and other tasks. In this, we can sort mail using rules and conditional formatting. Here you can create and manage rules for automatically processing emails as they arrive. It also provides a conditional formatting feature which specified the font, color, and size. Here you can create a folder for common searches.

Outlook With SharePoint:

Microsoft SharePoint is a wonderful platform for building and managing websites, intranets and workspaces. With the help of SharePoint, you can easily share documents, project ideas, and much other information.

Outlook Offers Calendar, Tasks, and To-Do Items:

It consists of calendar, task lists, To-Do items, address book, and notes. Here you can create task and notes related to your work and set the reminder.

Send free Text Messages:

Outlook account enables a user to send free of cost SMS text messages directly to your contacts.

Outlook Has good Security:

Microsoft office provides good security to users. It blocks external harmful content such as web bugs and downloaded images and data from foreign sites. Also disallows executable attachments and prevents the execution of ActiveX applets.

Quick Setup:

Microsoft outlook account provides one another wonderful features to save the time. If you perform the same task daily e.g. forwarding email to a number of friends or inviting a group of friends to a meeting then by using the quick setup you can save your time.

If you have any issues regarding outlook email account then contact to our toll-free microsoft outlook support number. Our trained and expert outlook support team available 24/7 who have proficiency in troubleshooting various email issues.

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