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Microsoft Network provides several services for accessing email addresses that can be used for social works and this service through contact friends, family, and business contacts. Microsoft established several web technologies that are MSN Email. It is also a collection of internet services provider on the web. This service gives you to easily access and manage your email account. MSN Email accounts use POP3 and SMTP mail server protocol for sending and receiving emails through your device. It is an extreme way to share important for both home and official purpose files and documents easily and securely.

Issues of MSN Account:

Sometimes, many users face problems with unable to attached files or share an official document for business usages or photos to your friends and family through email while trying to attachment important documents through a mail with MSN email account. And sometimes receiver unable to receive sure emails from others. While users send email himself/herself they found out that email any attachment document could not be received successfully in the inbox. If you really want to resolve this type of issue, here properly guided to you and resolve all problems, so watch carefully the following guidance has shown below.

Follow these steps for File Attachment correctly:

  1. Go to in a web browser > Sign in your account

create account

  1. Click on the New

Hotmail account

  1. Enter sender email address > Click the Attach

MSN Account

  1. Select your document from the exact file location

MSN account


  1. Click the suitable one


  1. Attach your document  > Press the send button

attach file

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Notice: You must be read carefully
1.Title of the File

You must be the check the title of file or attachment which you are trying to send other that exclusive character will unable to attach them to your email.

2.File Size is too Large:

You need to remember that the size of the file attachment which you are trying to send via MSN EMail is not surpassing the size of limited to send them either via Skype or OneDrive.

3. Flash Missing

You need to make sure when you are trying to attach a file to your email, no flash installed your system. (if your default web browser is internet explorer then check that is have not in offline mode)

4.Security Programs

Check Firewall settings, Antivirus, and Internet Security programs it may be due to the reason of attaching a file in the email so, exclude any viruses and malware application when you are attaching a file.

5.Add-ons or Plug-ins

Add-ons or Plug-ins also due to causes of attachment failure in an email so, try attaching the file after exhaust or discard such add-ons or plugins.

If you don’t understand any above instruction or you unable to attach a file it’s your account. And you need to MSN Email support for resolve your issue. So we offer 24*7 service for our customer. Our experienced expert will listen to your queries and provide the best solution and also they guide you how to resolve yourself. You can easily reach us. You can easily connect expert so dial our msn contact number.

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