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Hotmail is one of the best free web-based email services that offered various attractive features to the user and provide webmail, tasks, contact, and calendaring etc.

Hotmail Server Error:

Microsoft Hotmail server Errors are completely undesirable errors. Many Hotmail users are facing trouble from it. If you are also one of that user which have the trouble of Hotmail server error and you want, Hotmail server error never appear on your system then you need to feed important information in your mind related to it. That is given below:

1. You have to make sure that your internet browser has been updated to the latest version available.

2. Your internet connection has been stable and faster.

3. Your computer has been updated properly to the latest versions etc.

There are many several server errors arise in Hotmail in a different way. Like as:

1.Hotmail server error 3219.

2.Hotmail server error 3204.

3.Hotmail server error 5204.

4.Hotmail server“Error oox8oocccof”.

5.Hotmail server error 5102.

Hotmail server error 3219:

Hotmail server error 3219 in Hotmail account that means your Hotmail account has been updated automatically to a new version. Therefore to resolve this server error 3219 you need to follow steps otherwise you can contact our Hotmail customer service.

Steps to fix Hotmail server error 3219:

For reconfigure your Hotmail Account, You need to know follow steps:

Step1.Firstly, you have to deactivate your existing Hotmail account because that account will not work any longer. For deactivate, you need to right-click on your Hotmail account and then select the properties option.

Step2. After that, choose “general” option and uncheck the box ‘include this account when receiving mail.’

Step3. Then need to simply apply action and click the OK.

Step4. And then you need to set up your IMAP account.

Step5.After setting up IMAP account, enter the SMTP.live.com as outgoing mail server address and set the port number to 587.

Step6.And your server connection must type SSL and will need to Authentication.

Step7.Then you need to select Finish and Close the window.

Step8.After that, you perform the right click on the new account and select the properties option and then choose the IMAP tap.

Step9. You need to see and check the careful box for the two options”check for the new message in all folder” and “store special folder on IMAP servers”.

Step10.You need to set the following paths correctly as given below:

-Sent Item path: Sent.

-Hotmail draft path: Draft.

-Delete stuff path: Deleted.

-Junk path: junk.

Step11.Then you can select apply and then click Ok.

Step12.After that, you need to perform the right click on your new Account and choose the show and hidden folder.

Step13.You need to choose reset list choice as it is important therefore the folder list gets the refreshed from the system server.

Hotmail server error 3204:

Hotmail server error 3204 generally occur when the window crashes Or something is not correctly happened with your window. So, to handle it follow the given steps:

Step1. start your computer and then log on as administrator.

Step2. You need to click the Get going button and then choose “Accessories and program”, System tools, then choose Restore.

Step3. In your new window, select “Restore my PC with earlier date” after that click next.

Step4. Inside the “Select a Restoration point” list, choose the latest system restore date and then click “Next”.

Step5. Click “Next” on the verification screen.

Step 6. After that, you restart your computer when repairment is ended.

Hotmail server error 5204:

Whenever occur Hotmail server error 5204 then you can not unable to send or receive a message in Hotmail Account. If you get Hotmail server error 5204 on your computer. That means there was a malfunction in your system operation. Common reasons including like as incorrect and failed installation and uninstallation of the software. It may be a reason to arise Hotmail server error 5204.

Steps to fix Hotmail server error 5204:

Here are the steps to resolve Error 5204.

Step 1. To resolve the Error 5204 you can download the Reimage Repair Tool. This Tool Scan detects and repairs your PC to resolve server Error 5204.

Step 2.If you have found these tool, then you can navigate to the file location and perform the double-click on it, and you go for the installation procedure.

Step 3.Before the launch of the program, you see the welcome screen. You can leave the checkbox unticked and allow the repair tool for start automatic scan and click the install for the installation procedure.

Step 4.After that Reimage is installing automatically on your PC. These Tool download all necessary updates, therefore, the internet connection must require.

Step 5. This tool may automatically start a preliminary scan of the system, it is best for your computer.

Step 6. If the scan is complete then Reimage tell you which areas of the system are damaged and if it is necessary to repair then click the Start Repair button.

Step 7. If Re-image has been finished then it is repairing your PC should be fixed. And you need to restart your computer after complete the process.

If you have performed the all above Steps then you can send and receive your Hotmail account messages or information.

Hotmail server“Error oox8oocccof”:

Hotmail server “Error oox8oocccof” mostly arises when users try to send or receive SMTP base mails. And worst thing is that it does not give you any sign. It just arises suddenly when everything was working fine. If this problem arises continuously then you can contact Hotmail support email or Internet service provider(ISP).

Steps to Fix Microsoft Hotmail “Error oox8oocccof”:

Below given the many approaches based on what the exact reason for this Error and resolve it. Try to each approach to resolving Error oox8oocccof.

1. If you are connected with internet, then check. 

Firstly make sure that is your computer is sending or receiving information over the internet or not. For this:

  • You go to the browser and type any URL. If you open it, that means your computer is connected to the internet.
  • If not, then you need to troubleshoot network connectivity problems. Then go to the Wi-Fi connection signal or Ethernet connection signal and perform right-click and click on “Troubleshoot Problems” from the top of the menu.

2. Anti-virus Utility and enable window firewall.

  • Go to the Start and then Control Panel and then Network Connection.
  • And perform Right-click on Internet Connection option.
  • Select “Properties” menu.
  • You will go to the “Security” tab and Switch OFF the Firewall.

After that, you need to add incoming POP server name and outgoing SMTP server name in the email Account in Hotmail. For this:

  • Go to the Outlook and then Tools and then E-mail Account and then view or change existing email accounts and then next.
  • Click Add, in the Email Account dialog box.
  • Click POP3 and go to the Next.
  • And type the correct information for your POP3 mail server and then click Next and then go to the finish.
  • You check and rectify Hotmail Account setting.

3. Start Hotmail in safe mode.

For starting Hotmail in safe mode, enables add-ins, and launches Hotmail with just the basic settings. If arise any faulty add-ins are the source of the problem then must rectify this issues. For that:

  • you will go to the “Start” menu, open the Search or type the Outlook.exe/safe in the Search box and click “OK”.

4.Run inbox repair Tools.

If you can not able to resolve the problem and none of the above approach worked, then you can contact our Hotmail support number or also try to repairing it via Microsoft’s inbuilt inbox repair Tools ScanPST.exe and ScanOST.exe. These tools are located on your computer and Launch them one by one and tool should do the rest.

Contact Hotmail email service:

If you are facing all these server errors and you need to fix all related error, you can contact our Hotmail customer service support, we have certified professional they will guide you and resolve all your issue and provide the best solution instantly, only you need to call our Hotmail Toll-free number or visit our official website.

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