Gmail not Sending or Receiving EmailsGmail is one of the best web mailing services. It provides Finest features for sending or receiving mail from one mail address to another. Every user can easily share informative mail or chatting with their client on the hangout with the help of Gmail service. Do you know its absolutely free? Yes, guys, without any charge to pay every user easily used this App. The user can send single or multiple files to one or multiple people at the same time. But many users face some problem while using Gmail account. So let us discuss which type of issue is occurred and How we can fix it.

Various Issues related to gmail:

The most common issues which are faced by the users like

  • Your Gmail Isn’t Receiving Emails
  • Not Sending Or Receiving Emails
  • Gmail Not Receiving Some Emails
  • New Gmail Account Not Receiving Emails.

Let we discuss in brief each and every issue and give you the best solution to fix that particular error.

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Way to resolve the issue

unable to send mail from any Gmail address

If you want to send a message to any person from Gmail address but you get some error at that time. Follow these methods given below to fix your problem.

Fix bounced or rejected emails

  • First of all, check Quotation marks, it will be the reason for the problem.
  • When users are using Dots at the end of the email address then he will face this kind of issue.
  • When the user gives Spaces before or after an email address then your mail will be bounced and rejected.
  • Mostly client type email address which has spelling errors that is also a reason for your mail will not send.

can’t receive any emails on your account

When you can’t receive any emails on your account then you can follow these steps mentioned below. These steps help you to resolve your problem quickly.

  • you can clear all web history and cookies.
  • If your problem is not solved after clearing web history and cookies then you have to change your proxy, Google won’t recognize you and changed IP address.
  • After that, if you apply to both ways and both are not working then you should be waiting for some day Google will remove your IP from its list. Now you use real names and email address.
  • Next procedure, Click on ensure Settings > Accounts and Import > Change Account Settings > Other Google account settings > Authorizing applications & sites.
  • Now go to, make sure Settings > Accounts >Check mail using POP3.

It is the best method to fix can’t send or receive mail problem from Gmail. But, if you need more suggestion or ideas for this problem then you can get in touch with our Technical team they will help out to the customers.

How to get external help from Gmail

The most basic option would be to look for help on our official Gmail customer service live chat website. You will be able to find easy tutorials and other help online on our website. However, looking for tutorials online takes a lot of time and it doesn’t exactly help.

  • Getting external help means that you can find effective solutions which are hard to come by when looking for help online because the latter is extremely time-consuming.
  • You can find easy help on different Gmail matters like Gmail not sending emails or Gmail not receiving emails from one person through customer support professionals.
  • Online chat access assistance is provided through in-person support officials so you can easily contact any of our team members that are available nearby for easy help.

How to contact Gmail customer support

Whenever you have face any technical issue regarding your Gmail account and you don’t understand their problem and you need support to resolve it. So Emailphonenumbers offer 24*7 support. Now you can reach us. Our support team help you and provide the best solution for your queries. Only you need to dial our toll-free number . We are awaiting for your phone call.

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