Gmail Account Hacked -
What to do

Don’t panic if someone hacked Gmail account and changed the password. Reach our expert team of professional to get immediate help and assistance regarding everything you should do now. Dial out toll-free helpline 1-844-804-3954.

gmail account hacked

"Someone hacked my Gmail account and changed the password"

Looking for the solution for the statement mentioned above. If yes, you are definately at the right place. You can call us to get essential help to recover your account


How to recover hacked Gmail account?

What step should be taken when Gmail account hacked:

1. Go to Account login page and click on need help.

2. You redirect to Google account recovery page. Select the option “I don’t know my password” on that page enter your Google/Gmail id.

3. Fill out the Captcha form you asked and click continue on next enter your last Password and simply choose “I don’t know” option.

4. You can get the offer to reset password but it works when you forgot and want to reset password because hacker may change your password. The only way to recover your password “verify your identity”.

5. “Verify your identity” forward to your next page where you have to answer the question related to your Gmail account.

Google suggest you give an answer as best as you can ( your account recovery depend on progress report tell they will return your account or not) if you are not sure then you can try your best guess.

Though you are allowed to skip these question it is very important to answer them for Gmail password recovery.

If you are not sure about the date when you open your account. You can take help from your friend ask him for last active date of your account or you can check last mail date you sent to him.

If Google found your information reliable to your account then you can able to reset your password. The information you provided doesn’t match with information on the account then Google allowed you one more time to fill up form with more accurate information.

Our Gmail customer service team are very much aware of Gmail phishing scam & hacking technique usually done by hackers and also have the solution of how to resolve them.

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