If you have gotten an email about suspicious activity from Google that means your password has been stolen or your account has been hacked by someone. Any email that you didn’t recognize and forwarding Email Setup to an unknown account that didn’t know is an unusual activity. A hacker can be done anything with your account with what intention we couldn’t say. They generally focus on your Confidential Information like bank account details, Credit, and debit card Number.

Well, whatever their purpose. It’s your duty to secure our account. Make a Strong Password that no one can easily guess. Change your password weekly. Don’t share your Login Credential to anyone.

If your Account has been compromised then you would experience Following Issues:

  1. Get a notification about unusual login the device you don’t recognize.
  2. Get notification that your password and username changed.
  3. Not receiving any emails.
  4. Your contacts are Receiving spam from you.
  5. You notice at top of your inbox a red bar that says “ we have detected a suspicious activity in your account.
  6. The messages you didn’t send seen into your sent mail folder.
  7. Your Gmail Account Setting have changed.
  8. You have found suspicious activity on other product like YouTube, Google Play account, Google wallet, etc.  that didn’t done by you but happened.

Check your recent account activity if you think your account is hacked.

What should you do to recover your Gmail account?

  • If you still login into your account immediately change your password.
  • Complete the security check up so that hacker can’t access your Gmail account again.
  • Now you have to sign in again to check on each device and browser that store full data of your account.
  • If you still experienced that your account is compromised then there will be a chance that your system is affected by malware or Hackers may operate your account remotely.
  • Installing antivirus will be good to wipe out all your viruses or reinstall your window.

If you need more information and have another issue as mentioned above you can contact to our toll-free Gmail Hacked Account support Number . Call to our expert and feel a great experience regarding your issues.

Given Below Google Procedure helps you to recover your Gmail Account:

If any Unusual activity happens to your account it means someone trying to access your account. You can reset your account by following these given steps and keep it more secure after recovery.

Step 1: Recover your account

the password recovery page

  • Enter last password you remember using this google account and then click Next.Enter the last password you remember
  • If you don’t remember your last password then click Try another way.
  • Now you can request a verification code on your phone.Try-another-way
  1. Via callGoogle is calling
  2. Via SMS6-digit verification code
  • If you don’t have access of your phone then click I don’t have my phone.
  • Now you can request a verification code on your associated email.secondary email address for Gmail account recovery
  • If you do not have access of your email then click Try another way.
  • Enter the month and year when you created the Gmail account.Enter the month and year when you created the Gmail account
  • If you do not remember the month and year then again click Try another way.
  • Now enter another email on which you want to contact with Gmail.We need some time to review your requestIf Google found you information correct then they will allow you to change the password. Now you have to create a new password for your account also confirm it. After this step you can access your account again with new login details.

Step 2: Secure your account

After recovery of your account you have to secure your account from unauthorized access or hacking. Follow the steps to add a security layer in your account.

  1. Open the Google Account page.We need some time to review your request
  2. Now Click on Sign-in & security.Sign-in-security
  3. You have to Add recovery phone and email to recover your account in future.Add recovery phone no. and email
  4. Turn on 2-Step Verification.Turn on 2-Step Verification
  5. Check your filters and forwarding setting and never used any forwarded email address that you don’t have access.

Now, we are at the end we hope you find above information legitimate and helpful. Generally, Gmail phishing scam is the great cause for Americans if their Gmail Account has been hacked. If you need more information and support you are free to contact our toll-free Gmail Technical Support Number . Call anytime. We will so happy to assist you.

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