Gmail phishing Scam

Gmail Phishing Scam

Google mail always targeted by scammers because it has more users than other email services. And most of the active users are find on Gmail anytime.

What is Gmail Phishing?

Gmail phishing is a technique that most of the hackers use to take out your login credentials from you by sending you a suspicious email that is similar to your bank account, docs file, and so on. Once you fill out all information then they will start bombardment on your account to gain all information from your emails. Phishing page looks like.

Gmail Phishing docs file

In Gmail phishing, scammer use the legitimate information to make fool of user when user has seen that mail they look fine and give all their personal details.

It gives hacker accesses to Mailer’s most personal details and information so the damage may be huge.

The most of the cases you heard even you experienced in the past the mail sent by [email protected] scammers, send you a file of docs actually, that not a file that’s an image or dummy app look like a “Docs File”, once you open it, suddenly you are prompted to the fake Gmail sign in Page.

Well, as you know once you logged in your Gmail account, Google never ask you to log in again (only for some exceptional cases), but maybe there our sense doesn’t work :), After entering your login credentials, they get access to your account. You always redirect to the page that looks similar to Google account page as shown below.

Gmail sign in page

The hackers pull off the account in their own hand by abusing OAuth protocol, the way to connect all internets account at twitter, facebook, google, and another service connects with third-party app.

The OAuth protocol does not transfer your personal details like password and account information but instead of its uses special access tokens that can open your account.

Utilize OAuth protocol for account accesses may be unfair because it can divert the need to gain someone’s account details or even Google 2 step verification.

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How to Protect Yourself From the phishing attack?

When you receive a “Docs file” in the format of image you will redirect to Gmail login page. We suggest you “ check your URL to know the location of the source that is a secure or not, before login your personal details on that website”.

At the time of phishing email actually, you see “” in the URL you look forward to signing in.

To protect yourself, you need to take care of a point that can save you. Let’s take a look at Location bar.

The phishing scammers use “Data URI” its middle part may make you move forward but when you look at the start you will see “data:text,html” instead of “https//”. “Data:text,html” is a wide string text when you look at whole URL at the end its look like this.

It’s a very large length of the text. It’s a file that opens in a new tab and prompts you to the Gmail Fake Login Page which sends your personal account details to Scammers.

You need to act smart on these problems, this small ignorance turns into a big success for scammers. You may lose your account as well as your secret details like the bank account, credit card details, etc.

What point should you notice: Gmail Fake Login Page

  1. Check Url it should start with “http//” instead of “data:text,html:”
  1.  Location bar should indicate secure written in green.
    Secure URL page_ Gmail phishing
  2.  Not trusted website or pages indicate as.non secure page gmail phishing
  3. If you see ordinary black text nor red or green then you should check location bar URL.
  4. If your account compromise, immediately does Gmail Password recovery or visit Support page.
  5. Do not click on a link you are not aware of.
  6. Check the sender address and sender name match.

How to report Gmail phishing:

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Open the email to report phishing.
  3. Near reply button Click on down arrow button.


4. Report Phishing.

Please note: If email is mistakenly marked as phishing follow above step and marked as “this is not phishing”.

What Google says on phishing:

After the 1 million user accounts compromised Google said it has some technique of machine learning and Algorithms that delay all suspicious messages.

The new ability, build by latest Gmail Release, will be honoured by CISOs who use corporate version of Gmail for Communication.

On the basis of fact and figures of the anti-phishing working group, the phishing attacks in 2016  was 1,220,523 65 percent more than 2015. In 2016 all attacks targeted to financial or for the purpose of spying on others.

About 70 percents of cyber attackers use the deadly combination of both Phishing and hacking. In case of Gmail hacked account, you need to respond quickly to recover it.

The new detection ability of Google provide safe browsing and delayed all suspicious Emails. The latest Gmail release also provides a high alert warning to G-Suite users when responding to an Email sent from other domain that not in their contact.

The company says “This feature gives enterprise protection from the suspicious or fraud mail, as well as common user error if someone sends mail to the wrong person.”

Earlier in May, Google removed all account and phony pages and malicious application that include in Google docs phishing scam.

Get Anytime Support Help: Dial Gmail Customer Service Number.

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