If you have added your phone number to your account in your mobile setting so you may receive a password reset via SMS/text message. But you are unable to do, then this blog might help you. Dial our Gmail customer service phone number  to get help regarding Reset Gmail password.

  1. If you Forgot your password then enter your phone number, email address.
  2. Enter your phone number and click Search.
  3. You will receive a text in which a six-digit code which will be valid for 15 minutes.
  4. Enter this code into the text field on the password reset page and submit.
  5. After that, You will be prompted to choose a new password.

Not receiving the SMS code?

  • It may take up to a few minutes for you to receive the code
  • If you do not receive it after a few minutes, try texting HELP to your Gmail account to ensure that you didn’t receive SMS notifications from Gmail. If you do not receive anything back, please review our SMS troubleshooting page or use the email password reset option above.

Requiring additional information to request a password reset

If you want to receive password quickly so you require additional information to be entered to Reset Gmail password:

  1. Via Gmail.com, go to your Account settings.
  2. Under the Security section, check the box next to Require personal information to reset my password.
  3. You will be required to enter your email address or phone number, in order to send a password to reset email or SMS/text.

If your email address and phone number are both associated with your account, you’ll be asked to enter both, in order to send a password to reset via email or SMS/text.

  • In the case, If you receiving an error message so you can request to provide another recovery code, please note that there’s a limit to the number of recovery code requests you can get in one day. If you think that you exceeded this limit, wait 24 hours and try again.
  • If you haven’t received a recovery code, check the list of that what is the issue of this problem.
  1. Our service was temporarily unavailable. This may have happened while you were requesting a recovery code.
  2. You’ve ported your mobile phone number. If you will be just switched mobile providers while keeping the same phone number, text messaging may not work immediately. Please wait before trying again.
  3. Your provider blocked shortcodes. Your mobile provider might have inadvertently blocked you from receiving text messages from services that use shortcodes. Please ask your carrier to unblock messages from Google.

Receiving repeated text messages

If you request multiple recovery codes, only those code is delivered to you who is most recently triggered will be valid. Turning off your phone.

If it doesn’t help, ask your mobile provider to reset your text messaging settings.

Follow the instructions for help getting back into your account

  • You will be asked some question to confirm that it’s your account. Answer as best you can.
  • Google send you a verification code by text.
  • If you have registered your mobile number so you can receive the verification code on your mobile.
  • If you have the other alternative email address registered your account so you can receive your password on that email.

After those process you can change or reset Gmail password, again and again, you can’t use the same password and you can use the different password or if you want the suggestion to strong password or any other help, contact our Gmail support adviser team.

Create the strong password

Choose the strong password that you haven’t used with this account

Use the unique password

Use mix-up letters, numbers, and symbols in your account

Make your password strength good while creating your password use number, symbols, upper case, and lower case letter so nobody can easily guess your password.

Never mention any note that your password is this

  • If you have many accounts in many sites so you should use the different password for the different account.
  • Don’t use your name or personal information as a password.

Update your recovery email address

You can receive emails in case you need to reset your Gmail password. You can also use a recovery email phone number to receive password reset code.

Some other cases related to Gmail account recovery process, which you might be looking for:

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  2. Username or email address forgotten
  3. You remember your username and password, but unable to login
  4. Someone else is using your Google account
  5. Getting trouble with 2-Step Verification sign in method
  6. Unable to reset your Gmail password with a code sent by text
  7. You use a Google Account through your work, school, or other groups
  8. You can’t sign in to a Google Account for a kid under 13


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