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Hotmail is the leading free online email service provided by Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. This is also part of Microsoft. Used by most of the people throughout the country. It was started in 1996 and you can create your email account and are free to operate without any fees. It offers a variety of unique features not found in any other mail service. you can easily perform your tasks, like chatting(friends, relatives, family members) and send and receive e-mails professionally.

There are many features such as increasing the bit size (attachment MB), sharing files online, viewing, editing, linking real-time documents, showing conversations, and better mobile experiences. Due to its advanced features and functionality, many users prefer Hotmail services to their corporate portal. Users easily create Hotmail accounts. In fact, if you face any problems with your email account or you can get any error while optimizing your email account, you are sure to get expert hands-on solutions to everything. At this point, you can call our Hotmail Customer Service Number

Following some unique features of Hotmail:-

Effective or Active View:

This is one of Hotmail best features that lets users clear the annoying element of switching between different windows. You can easily display the correct data in your inbox without spending more time, and open a new window with the help of the View option. It is useful when using an email account in the way it required.

Integrated MS Office Web Applications:

Hotmail offers a different option to use integrated Microsoft Office applications by navigating through the windows; you can save these applications on your Windows Live Sky drive, which lets users send a variety of small 50 MB, Up to 25 GB in total.

Single-thread Conversation

In a Hotmail account, you can easily access and analyze all incoming email as a single thread. By using this feature, you can save your time and effort by getting past communications emails in the following threads with just one click. User access to email accounts is very helpful.

Track Package reference:

Track your email reference via Hotmail Active View is a way to preview the current information in Hotmail. No need to go to another website.

Chatting with Facebook friends:

This feature is really great. With Microsoft’s help, it successfully integrated social networking features into Hotmail. You know the latest version of Windows Live Messenger supports Facebook chat. When you use this trouble, you can contact Hotmail support number.

Easily share your photos:

Use the Hotmail webmail service to share as many new photos in the skydrive by sending hundreds of large images in a single email and sending over 9 GB of images in a single email. The option currently available from the US. Sky Drive is a cloud-based online space.


Everyone needs this feature. This is an important feature that Level A security features are available in Windows Live Hotmail. Only “Login” save user Login credentials by phishing attacks. HTTPS now enters Hotmail throughout the session, logging in and browsing (reading /sending) e-mail.

Find and organize the Important Mail with the Sub-folder:

The New feature is added in Hotmail called Sub-folder. Users can easily create folders within your Hotmail account for managing your emails. This gives you easy access to important emails in your Hotmail account. If you have any problems creating subfolders, you can connect to our Hotmail Phone number.

Edit share and view office Docs File:

You can access free Microsoft office App to share, view and edit office document and no need to download it on your computer. Whenever you can open it because it is stored in your Hotmail cloud. Don’t need another computer to open it. If you hard to use online office then contact our toll-free Hotmail service number .

Search AutoComplete:

This is one of the best features of Hotmail, users can easily search for email, Hotmail adds search auto-complete, and you can type in just a few letters and automatically suggest many different and useful terms.

Exchange ActiveSync:

If you want to see your emails in your webmail, you can take advantage of the Hotmail Activesync feature. It helps you synchronize email, calendar, and contacts between your phone and the web. Means that any changes you make to the mail (read, delete mail) will automatically appear on the web.

These are new features. You will enjoy the modern webmail interface as well as a keen and easy-to-use layout. With enhanced security features, as well as added Microsoft services, you can use or access Hotmail Login details to help them. These are some of the changes you can enjoy today on Hotmail. Whenever you use Hotmail support, we can guide you and resolve your concerns through our certified professional team. Only you can call our Hotmail customer service number. Our service managers respond quickly to you and our technicians provide the best solution to you.

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