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Microsoft Office Suite is widely used and most trusted product of Microsoft. It was founded by Allen and the most popular man the Bill Gates in 1975. Microsoft office for window started in October 1990 with three application that was Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Microsoft office is produced in several versions targeted towards different end-users and computing environments. The office is produced in many version design different final-users and computing environment but the original and most widely used version is the Desktop version, available for PCs executive the Windows and Mac operating system.

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As below we provide you complete information on each product of Microsoft Office Suite with their feature and complete instruction guide. Move further, Read and learn about the amazing product.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is widely used in business application program designed by Microsoft. Word is an element of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity code. However, It can even be purchased as a complete product. It was launched in 1983 and has since been revised varied times. It is accessible for each Windows and Macintosh operational system, as well as, it is commonly known as merely Word or MS Word.

Microsoft Word offers many options to ease document creation and writing, including

  1. WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display: It ensures that everything displayed on screen seems a similar method once written or stirred to a different format or program.
  2. Spell check: Word options an inherent dictionary for spell checking, misspelled words area unit marked with a red crooked underline. Sometimes, Word auto-corrects correct misspelled word or phrase.
  3. Text-level options like daring, underline, italic and strike-through.
  4. Page-level options like indentation, paragraphing and justification.
  5. External support: MS Word is compatible with several different programs, the foremost common being the opposite members of the office suite.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a software program from Microsoft that’s a part of the Microsoft Office suite’s software programs. Excel was Developed by Microsoft.  It was released in September 30, 1985. Excel is only for creating and editing spreadsheet that is save with the file extension “.xls” or “.xlsx”.

Generally, we use Excel sheets for cell-based calculation, pivot tables, and numerous graphing tools. It is not the least, You can create a huge data base in Excel spreadsheet like creating a monthly budget, track business expenses.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an E-mail Software program by Microsoft that permits users to send and receive e-mail. There are two versions of Outlook. Microsoft Outlook categorical and Microsoft Outlook. Outlook categorical may be a slimmed down version of the Microsoft Outlook package family and was 1st enclosed with Windows and enclosed with all versions of Windows up to Windows XP. With the introduction of Windows visual precept, Microsoft introduced Windows Mail.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint could be a complete presentation graphics package. It provides you everything you would like to present in the professional-looking presentation.

  • PowerPoint offers data processing
  • outlining
  • drawing
  • graphing
  • Presentation management tools- all designed to be straightforward to use and learn.

The following provides you a fast summary of what you will be able to kill PowerPoint:

  • When you produce a presentation on PowerPoint, the presentation is in the form of a series of slides. The slides that you just produced by the utilization of PowerPoint may also be present as overhead transparencies or 35 mm slides.
  • In addition to slides, you’ll be able to print audience handouts, outlines, and speaker’s notes.
  • And you can keep your entire presentation during a single file all of your slides, speaker’s notes, and audience handouts.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is the Designed to perform as an electronic version of a paper notebook. Microsoft OneNote may be a note-taking and private data management application for organizing and sharing digital data. By storing text notes, audio photos, and video snippets, handwriting, and the similar content. It collects and then organizes the data, creating it out there for looking out likewise as sharing with others.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s service for hosting files within the “cloud”, that is out there for free to all or any the house owners of a Microsoft account. OneDrive offers users straightforward thanks to storing synchronize and share all types of files, with others and devices on the net. Therefore, the Xbox One, Windows 8.1, Windows ten, themes, app settings and even net adventurer or Microsoft Edge tabs, history and saved passwords.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business, rest referred to as Microsoft Lync Server, could be a unified communications (UC) platform that combines common channels of business communication and online conferences, together with instant electronic messaging (IM), presence, voice information processing (VoIP), voice mail, file transfers, video conferencing, internet conferencing and email.

application of Skype for Business

  • Start conversations with IM, voice, or video calls.
  • you can see your contacts in an exceedingly meeting.
  • Set strong security for conferences.
  • Broadcast online to an outsized audience.
  • Present your screen throughout conferences or offer management to others.
  • Use Skype for Business in different Office programs to talk, call, or be part of a gathering with a click.


Organizations use SharePoint to make websites. you’ll be able to use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access info from any device. All you wish may be a applications program, like Microsoft Edge, web person, Chrome, or Firefox.

“SharePoint” can refer to one or more SharePoint products or technologies, including

  • Online
  • Server
  • Foundation
  • SharePoint Designer 2013
  • OneDrive for Business sync

Microsoft Access

Access is only being able to get to what you would like. information access is having the ability to urge to (usually having permission to use) specific information on a laptop. net access suggests that having an affiliation to the globe Wide net through Associate in Nursing access supplier or an internet service supplier like America Online.

  • For information access, access is typically mere as read-only access then read/write access
  • Normally, access refers to the permission to use. If you have given the rights to use a PC or service then you have got license access. Typically granted by coming into your username and countersign.
  • Microsoft Access could be an info package management program.
  • See the Access company page for additional data regarding the Access company.


Microsoft Publisher could be a graphic style application that’s like Microsoft Word, however, differs within the proven fact that its stress lies a lot of on page layout and style, and fewer on word composition and information. It provides easy-to-use and fewer high-ticket business choices for making styles and logos for little businesses, wherever victimization alternative high finish applications might not be possible.

Publisher includes templates for several sorts of common business desires, like business cards, brochures, address labels, and calendars. Microsoft offers the choices to directly email the file, export it as another file kind or transfer it to the cloud and publish online.


Microsoft team could be a chat-based collaboration tool that’s a part of the office 365 suite of services. Furthermore, groups allow native and colleagues to figure along and collaborate through a standard space, utilized options like team chat, one-on-one chat, and document collaboration

Teams launched in March 2017 as a part of office 365 and are currently out there in office 365 Education still. groups compete with collaboration cloud services Slack and Hip Chat. In contrast to its premium competitors, however, groups have no free tier and doesn’t provide a standalone rating.

Teams include the following core capabilities


The hub permits team members to figure collaboratively while not having to toggle between applications. Team Customization: groups offer to customize work spaces and integration with a third-party software system to facilitate project management.


Groups provide advanced security and compliance capabilities that support world standards together with HIPAA, EU Model Clauses, ISO27001, SOC one and SOC two.


Sway is that the part of Microsoft office and designed for making shows is in many ways another to PowerPoint. however, what’s the distinction and what will it do. Its general unharness means that it’s accessible to the general public and to office 365 for business and education customers worldwide.

The package is accessible as a downloadable app for Windows then, iPhone and iPad, or as a part of office online. Hence a version for Windows Phone (now Windows ten Mobile) is additionally aforesaid to be within the works.


Yammer could be a personal micro-blogging and collaboration platform for enterprise social networking. Unlike public social media platforms like Twitter, Yammer solely permits members to attach with different members UN agency belong to constant email domain. This distinctive feature provides company workers with the power to speak in camera, Therefore employing a graphical computer program (GUI) that resembles Facebook

Currently, Yammer offers premium membership, providing optional upgrades for a fee. The premium version, that comes with a little per-user licensing fee, includes options like Twitter integration, personal and public teams.


planner may be a specially trained and tough individual World Health Organization possesses a novel combination of information and analytic ability, similarly as robust communication and presentation skills.

Planners analysis and gather information from an over-sized sort of sources, acknowledge varied environmental and restrictive constraints, another formulate analyze varied website style eventualities as a part of serving to purchasers build sophisticated selections concerning development.

However writing and effective verbal skills area unit a vital a part of a planner’s role, as a result shows area unit often times required to share info with purchasers, alternative skilled consultants, business teams, neighborhood teams, workers members, board members, and non-appointive officers.


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