Microsoft Office Word Corrupted File Recovery

Microsoft Word is a very popular application software. It saves the file in .docx format. Sometimes Microsoft Word files will get corrupted and will not be able to open the files directly. This can occur due to various reasons including process termination while Word is saving the file etc. Its features built-in document repair that can help you recover lost information and restore a corrupt file.

Given bellow different ways to recover Microsoft word corrupted file.

1.Open And Repair Word feature

MS Office can fix some corrupt documents on its own. You’ll notice a longer pause than usual while Office is working on the file, then your document will either open as normal, or you’ll see an error message describing the problem.

If Office doesn’t try this itself, though, you can manually ask that it fixes a specific document. Just go to open a file as normal, choose the document in question, then Click the Open button and select Open and Repair from the Open drop-down list in the bottom-right corner.

If the corruption is minor then you have to restore your work. Should you still be having problems, there’s a second, Microsoft Word option.

Go to open a file again, choose your damaged document, and select “Recover Text from Any File” in the “Files of Type” box. This is only to recover any raw text from the file, but images and raw formatting will be lost. This is a simple and easy method to get back your corrupted file.

2.Make a copy of your document

This isn’t really a recovery trick, but it is a preliminary step. If you don’t have a backup copy of the corrupt document, make a copy of the corrupted file and store it on removable media. There’s a chance that the corruption within the file could become have a problem with the operating system on the computer with the corrupt file. It may save a backup copy of the file.

3.Check your email

In some cases, you may have emailed a copy of the document to someone. If so, check the Sent Items folder of your email, attached to the email message you sent. Try selecting the Sent Items folder and using Search feature where you found the corrupt document file.

4.Run CHKDSK Utility:

Try running CHKDSK against check for the corrupted file. Your problem could be caused by corruption at the file system level, and CHKDSK may be able to fix the problem. If there is none, running CHKDSK allows you to check the completeness of the file system, which allows you to determine whether the problem exists within the document file system.

5.Shadow copy of the document:

Before using the shadow copy feature, first you need to configure it. A shadow copy will not be as complete as a backup you created.

Windows 7 automatically saves shadow copies of some documents to the hard drive. You can check to see whether a shadow copy of your Word document exists by right-clicking it and select the Properties from the pop-up menu. On the Properties dialog, choose the Previous Versions tab and select one of the available versions listed.

6.Use Word’s text converter

If your Word document file was saved in the older .doc format, you may also be able to recover the text portion of a document using Word’s Recover text converter. Click on File then select Open. When the Open dialog box display, select the troublesome Word document. Then, choose Recover Text From Any File from the Files Of Type drop-down list and open the document. This filter will import ASCII text from any file. You will lose any formatting or non-text items such as graphics, but your text will be recovered.

7.Use a third-party recovery program:

If neither of MS Word recovery features works, you may need to use a third-party recovery application such as Office Recovery or On track Easy Recovery to repair your Word document. Be aware that when using third-party recovery products you have to use free demos otherwise it may come with the costly price tag, and depending on the extent of the damage, they may or may not actually be able to repair your file.

8.Repair My Word

If you are working on an older version of Word document then you can use Repair My Word. It is the utility program used to repair or recover the corrupted document file of Word which can not be opened and gives the error. This utility program will help to repair all the contents of that corrupted document and then you can save the recovered text in new Word file. This is compatible with MS Word 2000, 2003 and XP. The program is freeware and can easily retain and recover the contents from the corrupted doc file.


These are the ways to repair and recover your documents. Most important point is to backup of all your document. You may use synchronization ways to make sure you have a backup of each one of your important files.

If you are facing such kind of problems then you may contact our Microsoft Customer Service Support to get instant solutions and proper guidance by our technical experts to easily settle down the problems. You will also get 24*7 help and support by the technician’s team to overcome your problems.

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