Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting Problems-A Guide

Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting Problems

MS Outlook is the most widely used email client in the whole worlds. The reason behind is that outlook provides a lot of features to a user and it is simple to use. But sometimes Microsoft Outlook face some problems like other software. At that time, you should know how to tackle those issues. In this article, we will be focusing on such common Outlook problems and their solutions.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in troubleshooting the MS-Outlook in an easiest way or you can just visit our Microsoft Helpline Number at

Tips to fix the Outlook issues- Troubleshooting Steps

The main issues faced by the users and the ways to fix them are discussed below.

  • Outlook Crashes Unexpectedly
  • You Are Sending Out Spam E-mails
  • Can’t Send or Receive e-mail
  • Corrupt PST file in outlook
  • Disable ADD-Ons
  • Disabling Virus Scan
  • Rename OST file
  • Safe mode
  • Adjusting Calendar Permissions
  • Profile Rebuilding

Outlook Crashes Unexpectedly

This outlook problem arises when Microsoft Outlook has stopped working. Many add-ins can make your outlook process slow. Outlook is easy to use for users but when it crashes user disappointed with them. So here are tips on how to resolve this problem.

-Firstly find out the problem cause then start Outlook in safe mode. You can disable add-in from Outlook’s Trust Center and restart Outlook simply. Then you can normally use Outlook without any crashes.

You Are Sending Out Spam E-mails

As you know Spam emails are always sent by your name. We can take some precaution to prevent from this spam emails. You may find out your contacts that they received unwanted emails from you and quite embarrassing. Most people send mail with your address, even they have not access of your Outlook account. When you find that your email address is spamming people.

-you should change your password immediately.

Can’t send or receive e-mail

Before you begin troubleshooting, first of all, check your internet connection. When you can not connect to the internet, it’s the main reason that you are unable to send or receive e-mails. If your internet connection is good and you are still unable to send or receive e-mails then follow the following steps:

  • click on window start button.
  • Type ncpa.cpl and then press enter. Network connections window will be open.
  • Right click on your internet connection and then click Properties.
  • On the General tab, make sure that TCP/IP check box is selected. If it is not then click to select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box.
  • After that click on ok and then click yes if you want to restart your computer.

Corrupt PST file in Outlook

If PST file has been corrupted, it can lead to inaccessibility of all data within your Outlook. It won’t allow to open anything. To overcome this problem, first of all, run scanpst.exe. If you don’t find scanpst.exe, check your outlook installation folder. This can take some time because it includes backing up the data files, error scanning and fixing any errors found.

Disable add-ons

The more add-ons connected to Outlook becomes it slower. If you want to disable add-ons then go to the Trust center, disable suspect add-ons and then restart the outlook normally.  If you have any doubt then start Outlook in safe mode by using command outlook.exe/safe

Disabling Virus Scan

Today number of the user used antivirus software for email scanning as they come and go from a system. Sometimes these antivirus tools decrease the performance of our system. If you are facing this issue, Try disabling the antivirus Outlook connection temporarily to see whether that solves the issue or not. If it does, you may have to update the antivirus software to fix this issue.

Rename OST file

We can solve various outlook problems by renaming the OST file. In this step, we explain how to rename OST file.

  • Your first step is to close the outlook.
  • Then rename the OST file as you want to give.
  • Then open outlook again, it will ask you to provide a new OST file location.

Safe mode

There is one shortcut to start outlook in safe mode. Press and hold the CRTL button on your keyboard and then click on the outlook icon on the desktop. Then Outlook will ask if you want to start Outlook in Safe Mode. Click on yes. Running Outlook in safe mode is a good way for troubleshooting but, it will halt the working of various features.

Adjusting Calendar Permissions

If you are unable to make or edit appointments that someone sends as an invitation for others to use his/her calendar, you need to change their permissions.

  • Open the calendar in Outlook.
  • Right-click the shared calendar.
  • Click Properties.
  • Go to the Permissions tab.
  • Add users to the calendar and allow them the specific permissions.

Profile Rebuilding

When all the methods fails and you do not want to uninstall/reinstall, just delete the Outlook profile.

But keep few things in mind,

  • If Outlook is working with a POP account, the current Inbox needs to be exported as a data file which can be imported later.
  • If Outlook is connecting to either an Exchange server or IMAP account, just Delete the profile and re-add it. To do this,
  1. Open the Control Panel,
  2. Go to Mail | Profiles
  3. Delete the profile.

If you have any queries regarding outlook troubleshooting problems then you can contact Outlook customer service. Our experienced and trained outlook support team has proficiency in troubleshooting various email issues.

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