Fix For Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft office is highly used by billions of the people all over the world. It is basically desktop adoption with attractive features. MS office is a collection of email and password which is access to Microsoft Account. One of the charming and disturbing aspects of this universal an operating system is the update process. Most of the times it is use for the official purpose and it is a high demand working platform. Now Microsoft provides new technology and launch update version windows with it.

Well, it is always accepted to conduct your OS update with the new update version carry with the system active. The single account used to sign in to a number of various services provided by the Microsoft within, Microsoft office 365, Windows 8, sky drive etc. So the user can easily manage this account with updated versions.

How To Fix Microsoft Windows Issue:

  1. You can’t stop automatically windows update in your machine but it can be regulated when your machine restart after installing and update the new version. So kindly follow the steps to fix the problem.
  2. Go to the Settings option and select the update and security section.
  3. Go to the menu list and select update tab and then Click change active hours at below of the windows tab.
  4. Follow the Active hours carefully that will fix a start date and end time when restart will appear. Remember that do not change anything when update are running to installed. Choose your times and click save.
  5. Check if an update has been already fixed then go to the main windows update settings panel to select a custom restart time and select the Restart section.
  6. You need to toggle the setting on, and select your perfect time and day.
  7. Go to defer upgrades, select Advanced options on the main update panel. Then, find the Defer feature updates box.

Troubleshooter Update :

Now Microsoft Outlook easily fixes to troubleshoot with windows update. Check something is not working properly on your device, and you are still encountering the Windows Update problem then you can run a troubleshooter to fix the issue.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next select Update & security.
  • Click on Troubleshoot.
  • For describe your issue choose the troubleshooter, and to start the process click Run the troubleshooter button.

Restart your computer:

This is a remarkably active way that will fix a host of computer issues and it often works for update. When you are getting an error message “reset/reboot your system and try to run the updates later or again”. You make sure that Your system does not run Windows Update for some time, then you visit again this process various times before all updates are installed.

Contact for Support:

We hope that you have understood the instruction how to fixes Microsoft Windows update problem. We always available to support you and resolve your queries. From here user get best technical help with proper solution. If you are still troubleshooting the problem and continues to exist then you can contact the technical expert and they should be able to help you and fix all problem. Also you can get quick support from here so you just need to dial our Microsoft Support number () or visit website. We hope you will be very happy with our service. I Wish that you will be convince with our support team. Our technician would always be happy to assist you.

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