Microsoft Account is the collection of an email address and a password. It is a single account used to sign in to a number of different services by Microsoft and partner websites, like Windows 8 computer, Windows Phone devices, the Windows Store,, Skype, Office 365, Sky drive etc. So the Microsoft users can utilize the experience of the Digital World. But, to accrue the services, users will have to create an account.

Most of the times, it happens that users failed to remember the Microsoft Account Password and as a result, they failed to get into the account. If you lost this Microsoft account password, or you just need to change it on a regular basis, there are easy and effective ways to reset it. When you reset your Microsoft account password used for all of the sites and services you use your Microsoft account. The process is described below.

Reset Microsoft account password when you forgot it

Follow the steps to reset Microsoft account password if you still forgot

1.Go to from any browser on any computer or device that have internet access.

2.Enter Email address you use as your Microsoft account. If in case you forgot what email it is, turn on your computer and you will see it on the login screen. Enter another blank with the text you see. This is for security check.

3.Click “Next” to continue.

4.Select a way to reset your account password:

  • Choose “Email me a reset link”, enter a contact email address that you have previously associated with your Microsoft account. Click “Next”, and the system will send you a password reset link to this email address. Check your email account and click the password reset link.
  • Choose “Send a code to my phone”, if you register a cell phone number with Microsoft account previously. Choose to receive a code via text message or phone call, and then click “Send code”. Once you received the code, enter it in the “Enter your code” field and then press “Submit”.
  • Choose “I can’t use any of these options”, If neither of the above options works, this option could be your last use. Select this option and then enter your Microsoft account email address or provide an alternative email address that Microsoft’s support team can reach. Then click Next to proceed. You will then be displayed Recover your Microsoft account page on which you should enter and submit your info. Few minutes wait for the response from Microsoft account team to get an email. Then click the password reset link in the email to get your new password.

5.Enter your new password in the “New password” and “Re-enter password” fields.

6.Click “Next”.

7.Then you can sign in on the next page with your newly reset password.

Reset Microsoft account password when you don’t forget it

However, if you remember the password and simply want to change or reset your Microsoft Account password on daily basis, then go through the process listed beneath.

Follow the steps to change your Microsoft account password if you still remember

  1.  Login to your Microsoft account at
  2. Click “Change Password” in the “Password and Security Info” section.
  3. Enter your old password and type the new password in both “New password” and “Reenter password” fields.
  4. Click “Save”. Now your password has been changed.

Hence, above are the options to reset the Microsoft account password. If trouble arises, to understand any steps or any further query related to Microsoft products then we recommend you to contact the support team at Microsoft Customer Service . They should be able to help you anytime.

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