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Sbcglobal is the leading webmail service, which is used by lots of people across the country.
AT&T email hosting considers yahoo.com domain addresses, along with the email and other domains. So many tools are available online. With all related tool, you can set up and modify your mail account. Do you know Sbcglobal.net tools are completely separate from the yahoo tool? But it is very easy way to register with a new account with a Sbcglobal domain address mailing account.

This email account was merged with the AT&T and Yahoo, It gave to users the ability to access all of the setup email features offered by Yahoo, right from your account. This email is separate from yahoo.com tools.

Points to remember before creating an account:

(1) Set up Sbcglobal.net email account :

Contact your sbcglobal email service provider and sign up for either a dial-up or DSL account. User can be asked what is the free email address and initial password? Its users would like. The AT&T, strongly to move to their sbcglobal Web Mail, but they still support the sbcglobal.net addresses.

(2) Using Your Client Mail Program :

When users are open own email then the users want to try to set up their own client email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail address. When users are open their email Preferences of programs, Settings windows, and then enter the account information users established in the previous section. The user has to keep in mind that their email address is also username.

(3) Mail Servers of sbcglobal mail :

When users are Enter the incoming and outgoing server names in the sbcglobal email settings or Preferences windows of the mail program on the user’s computer. The AT&T or Yahoo; recommends users to use inbound att.net as the incoming mail server and outbound att.net as the outgoing mail server. At the same time, some users report that having issues with those mail servers, so that users may want to use the legacy servers at imap.mail.yahoo.com for incoming mail and smtp.mail.yahoo.com for outgoing.

(4) Changing my email account Profile :

When you completed the create account then your sbcglobal.net account allows to you that now you can change the password for your main email account, or add up to ten additional sub-accounts. When user adds ten additional sub-accounts, then Each sub-account is a separate email address with its own password, so users can set up individual accounts for family members or business colleagues. When your SBC account will be accessible, then visit the AT&T; Account Management Web page and then select “Profile.”

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How to setup Sbcglobal Account

Following these steps to setup Sbcglobal Account:-

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Outlook, and select the File then click the Add Account button to run Add Account Setup.

Step 2: Now Select the Manual Setup or Additional Server Types and then click Next.

Step 3: Select the POP or IMAP on the Choose Service page, and then click Next.

Step 4: Now enter your real & full name and enter the valid email address into the appropriate fields.

Step 5: Choose POP3 from the Account Type drop-down menu.

Step 6: Now enter inbound.att.net (without quotations here and in all other entry fields) into the Incoming Mail Server field and outbound.att.net into the Outgoing Mail Server field.

Step 7: Now re-enter your email address into the User Name field, and then type your sign-in password into the Password field.

Step 8: Click on More Setting button and select the Outgoing Server field. Now check My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.

Step 9: Now Select the Advanced tab. Check this server requires an Encrypted Connection. Then enter 995 into the Incoming Server (POP3) field.

Step 10: Now enter the 465 into the Outgoing Server field.

Step 11: Now select the SSL from use of the following type of Encrypted Connection drop-down menu.

Step 12: At last click OK, then click Next to configure the mailbox. And now click on the Finish, then Close to exit the wizard.

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When users face any difficulties with the new set up sbcglobal.net email account process at any steps. So you can contact our SBCGlobal technical support team to get an accurate solution. We have best technicians team who always help our customers and customers can also call us on our toll-free number.

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