Can’t open store – error code 805a8011

Windows Store error code 805a8011 may be a regular issue on mobile phones, computers or tablets running in Windows OS. Usually, it happens once attempting to install or update particular applications from the Windows Store.

Windows Phone Error Code 805a8011

However, this problem would possibly initiate different problems like app connection problems, inability to access emails or SMS on the smartphone. Besides, phones may automatically restart once attempting to access Windows app store.

There are many causes why this error may show up. First of all, there may be low storage space on your device or set wrong date or time. Second, you may have some issues with web association. Third, you may have syncing problems with Microsoft account.

How to Fix Windows Store Error Code 805a8011?

You already know what reasons might initiate windows phone error 805a8011. Some of them are simply solved within minutes. However, the worst and hardest situation is that you just may have to be compelled to reset your device to the industrial plant state.

Therefore, begin with the simplest solutions.

1) Low storage space

Devices need to have enough free space to perform. If there’s not enough space, your smartphone may not work normally, and due to this reason, this type of error is occur. Delete a number of the photos or audio files, and applications which you are not using. Then, move to the Windows Store and check the problem is resolved or not.

2) Incorrect date or time:

Simple work measures will simply resolve the error. Your start ought to be to confirm that your Smartphone’s time and date are correct. Merely move to “Settings > Time and Date” to set correct values. Attempt accessing Windows Store to check whether or not the error is resolved.

3) Microsoft account syncing issues:

Microsoft account syncing issues you have to follow steps:

1- In the Settings click Email + Account.

2- Then tap on Microsoft account and hold it down.

3- Tap on Synchronize.

4- Internet Connection issues.

Sometimes Windows Store error code 805a8011 may occur after you use insecure Wi-Fi connection or use mobile information. Try and modify from Wi-Fi to 3G or vice verca. Then try and access Windows Store and download or update some apps.

If none of those solutions hasn’t helped, you’ll try and produce and add a new Microsoft account to your phone. once you produce an account on, attend the Settings section on your device, choose Emails + Account, and tap on Add Email. Here enter your new Microsoft account details and sign up. However, if this failed to fix this issue, you need to reset your device.

5) How to reset Smartphone:

There are 2 choices for resetting the phone – soft and hard. We tend to suggest beginning with soft and only if it doesn’t work, take the hard reset. The latter possibility allows reverting your device back to the factory settings. Before following the instructions, you should backup all important photos, audio or video files, documents, contacts and other important data as a result of you’ll lose all of them.

A) Steps for the Soft Reset:

1 – when your device is active, press down and hold Volume and Power buttons till you feel your phone vibratory.

2- Then release the buttons and wait till the device starts restarting automatically.

3- Check whether or not you’ll access Windows Store or not. If you still receive error code 805a8011, you’ve got to choose hard reset. keep in mind that ways for the hard reset take issue based on whether or not your phone is responsive or not.

B) Steps for the Hard Reset if your phone is responsive:

1- While in Settings faucet on Restore your phone section.

2- You will receive the warning. choose yes and wait whereas the resetting method starts.

3- After a handful of minutes, whereas this method is over, your phone ought to restart and switch on mechanically.

Once you end these steps, you’ll have a clean smartphone. Therefore, you ought to head to the Windows Store and install all necessary apps while not seeing Windows store error 805a8011.

Steps for the Hard Reset if your phone is not responsive:

1-Press down and hold Volume and Power buttons till you are feeling your phone vibratory.

2-Then displace and hold Volume button. you must notice an exclamation sign.

3-Press Volume Up, Volume Down, Power and Volume down.

4-Wait whereas the automated restart begin.

This method would possibly take a short time. However, once it’s over, your device is reset to the works state, therefore you must not receive error code 805a8011 once putting in new apps from the Windows Store.

The process can take a while to finish, and it’s solely acceptable that you simply be patient. you’ll have to be compelled to install or update all apps from Windows Store on completion of the method. Error 805a8011 mustn’t seem once more.

We, hope the blog would have been useful to you. If you need further assistance, you can always talk to our Microsoft support team.

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